Sorry folks I'm updating the page... But it may take a while because
I work, have a family and enjoy other things besides sitting in front of these computers :)
But enjoy the Burgerking SWF while your here.
OH and for you viewers with a sense of humor but a bad internet connection.
click here for the download! Just right click and click save as... then save it ;)
Well technically you could have done the same thing with the other link, :)

Be back later

Here are the Lyrics Everyone!

P.S. I do not take credit for the song
in the burgerking animation, I have only set the master piece
by The Retard Choir called "The Burger King Christmas Carol"
to an image and animated it for better effect.
Yes I know it is cheaply done but I never meant for it to be so wide spread
if I knew I would have put some effort into it! But Thanks for watching anyways!

Hi people Out of all the 100's of emails I get about this animation,
I have received 1 single flame email, And the guy is a moron. Click Here